As part of school curriculum, every year the school organizes tour Activities for all the classes to historical, geographical and heritage centers located at nearby areas for lower classes and at different states of India for higher classes.

Individual Activities

  • Assignment
  • Debate
  • Pen-Paper Test
  • Oratorial Competition
  • Participation in Inter-school, Intra school competitions [Debate, Quiz, Presentation etc]
  • Seminar
  • Presentation
  • Project
  • Drawing, Painting and Colouring
  • Appearing in External Competitive Examinations [ASSET, Olympiad, GTT, IIT etc]

Group Activities

  • Inter disciplinary Project
  • Group Presentation
  • Tour Activities
  • Parent activity

Inclusive Classroom Training and Counselling

Children with diverse needs (children with special needs (CWSN)) in all aspects get accommodated in to inclusive set up. They enjoy and access to the normal schooling. They involve themselves into regular streams of classrooms, adapting to changes and meet the needs of day to day routine in class room activities.

Our school has an Inclusive set up. It has two main streams. One is special education and the other is counseling. We have formed a School Inclusion Committee comprising of the following four members.

Chair Person – Principal (Mr.T. Thavasi Mony)

Teacher representative – Mrs.Mohana sivakumar, Mrs S Jayashree

Special Educator – Mrs.Madhavi

School Counselor – Mrs.Chandrika

We inaugurated a resource room in academic year 2015 -16.Children With Special Needs (cwsn) are being given effective remedial classes by our special educator. Inclusive children are being provided all kinds of support to enhance their all-round development. They are showing progress day by day. We are giving positive reinforcement to them to build their self-confidence.

We have a counselor who gives psychological counseling to children as well as the parents. Most of our students particularly the adolescent students try to analyze themselves and stream line their academic responsibilities as well as behavioral issues.

Admissions Open for LKG 2023-24

Admissions Open
for LKG 2023-24

Admissions Open for
XI 2023-24

Admissions Open for
XI 2023-24