Scouting and Guiding

Scouting and Guiding (trekking, hike, cycling, overnight camps etc.,) We are proud to say that our school is organising Scouts and Guides for seventeen years.’Be Prepared’ is the motto of Scouting and Guiding.Every year, we train our Class X scouts and guides to appear for RajyaPurashkar Award Test camp and til today, we have achieved 100% RajyaPurashkar Awardees. We have also produced the prestigious and the highest achievement of the scouts and Guides i.e., ‘Rastrapati Award’ for 3 batches of scouts and guides. We also organize inauguration camp, cycling, trekking, closing camp etc. This scouting and guiding movement brings out the relationship of brotherhood among children.


Today, as we are preparing our children to face the 21st century, which has no patience to care for their wellbeing, we organize yoga classes to highlight the significance of Yoga to lead stress free life. Yoga exercises direct and tangible benefits to the beneficiaries. “Yoga balances and harmonizes the body and emotions”
Asanas work on their pranic, mental and Pranayamas as well. Children of classes IV-X are well experienced in yoga asanas. Children are asked to practice yoga everyday as children are hunched long hours with books, computer or in front of T.V.
Yoga also helps in stimulating blood circulation throughout the body properly, squeezes stagnant blood, squeezes toxins out of the joints and sustains mind and body hale and healthy.


Children are guided in ploughing, tilling, sowing seeds, weeding, watering and setting fence to set up a garden.

Information Technology

Children are asked to analyze, discuss and prepare projects by using different computer software.


Children are guided in making clay models like pots, pot banks etc.,


Few children from classes IX and X are taken to nearby village, Krishnavaram, to teach the basics of writing and reading to the uneducated people.


Children are taught back stitch, circle stitch, double colour circle stitch, change stitch, triangle stitch and open chain stitch.


Children are taught to draw, sketch and paint under the guidance of our Art teacher.

General Assembly Activities

Activities are conducted which will improve the following skills in the children. Story telling, English and Tamil recitation, drawing, maths quiz, painting,heritage visits, vedic chants from Bhagavat gita, Sharadha, Subri, scientific experiments,drama, dance, riddles, word games, Comedy Gallatta,lateral thinking, personality development, Information Technology and communication.

Wealth from waste

Children are taught to use waste materials constructively to craft into wealth ( Useful resources)


This training institute of Brakes India extend their support to cater training on mechatronics and Lathe for our children to understand it’s working nature

Go Green

Children get involved in the process of maintaining the school campus clean and green.


Children are taught to sing songs and tune music. They will take care of the morning assembly also.

Book Binding

Children are taught to bind the books in the library. Also they are taught how to keep library books in the racks neatly as per number.

Pin and Head

Children are taught to use pin and head to embellish the cards. These cards are mainly used to invite guests to Vidya peetam.

Education For Life

Teachers engage children in activities exhibiting ethics, morality, trend, fad and fashion and advertisements. 

Service to Mankind is service to God.

Every year our school and Brakes India Limited jointly organize Blood Donation camp with the help of Association of Voluntary Blood Donors, Chennai. Our children visit nearby Brakes India factories and villages and deliver motivating speeches to motivate people to be donors. We are proud to say our school was awarded Dr. Rajah Sir M.A. MuthiahChettiar of Chettinad Rolling Shield for mobilizing voluntary blood donors among schools on 20/08/2014.

Admissions Open for LKG 2023-24

Admissions Open
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Admissions Open for
XI 2023-24