Dear All,
Let me introduce myself before I share about my Vidya Peetam values.

I am Ramesh Durai, who travelled with Vidya Peetam from the day I joined LKG until I passed 12th Std in the year 2009. Then graduating from College of Engineering, Guindy I joined Daimler. Currently I am the Marketing Head for Nepal and Sri Lanka for Daimler Commercial Vehicles.

Our school has imbibed multiple values/abilities within me, which are coming handy for my life. The Scout & Guides movement, Pot burials, Class performance in the General Assemblies made me a team player. The EFL classes not only instilled social awareness but also helped us to exercise freedom of speech. Me and my class mates are ethically very strong, which I would attribute to the stories we heard in the Sanskrit and Tamil classes. Public speaking is yet another thing for which I had strong foundations in Vidya Peetam through the Morning Assembly activities/General Assemblies/ Blood donation campaigns. I have received appreciations for all above values/abilities in my college and short professional career.

Having highlighted my valuable possessions from Vidya Peetam, I would take this opportunity to bring out few things where the school should have given a better environment. There was no individuality in Vidya Peetam at least in my times of high/higher secondary schooling. The proof is more than 70% of the class studied engineering without any reason. Though there were lot of leadership positions in the school, they were more a ceremonial and nominated role. There was no real challenge, no chance, no power and no real appreciation for the so called leaders.

Nevertheless, Vidya Peetam had greater role in my success until now and future ones as well.

Hope this would be useful feedback to you.

I appreciate and thank you very much for putting in efforts to know the Alumni feedback.

With Best wishes

Ramesh Durai

+91 95854 55302

Respected Mam,

Congrats to you and your team on producing Excellent results.

In fact this a wonderful approach done in many of the top colleges around the world taking feedback from the Alumus for continuous improvement.

I would like to first highlight few happenings in VP that has been helping me even now to Head a Centre for International Exchange.

1. Prefects or prefix( I am not sure ) :was a system adopted those days .I was not the one but few of my friends were leading it.They insist us to speak only in English which helps us to get a lot of confident in ourselves to lead ,grow and excel across the Globe.

2. Scouts : It helped us to work as a team.We had a troop leader.We stay in school for camps.It was a burst out and now we are able to have a Holistic approach on all our plans as a result of the training we had in scouts.It also helped us in molding our personality and traits.

3. SUPW :Innovation and creative ideas was kindled among us on all Fridays.Free-wheeling could be done per se from the beginning.

4. Yoga and meditation: Myself Bunking a class on those days in school,I feel they are important to keep our body and mind stress free.

5. Teachers Communication: Teachers communication must always be in English .We had it those days.

Improvements can be made in the below mentioned areas:

1. Train the trainers to approach students of different level (Meritorious to poor)

2. Career strategies classes ought to conducted at least once in a month for an hour:We were not aware of those fields of our interest.Not even a single day we were told what to study in higher Education and how to focus ourselves towards it .

3. Work Life balance has to be taught: Many like me couldn’t do that.i.e. Balance time on School-Leisure-personal work.

4. We were not trained to improve our Hygiene.Like we play in ground and we have our Lunch without washing our hands using soap / sanitizer,Not everyone had hand kerchiefs to wipe sweat,trimming nails,consuming unhygienic food (still remember our Principle Mr.Anjaneya Shastri advising us not to have Ice creams from trolleys after a girl got high temperature in trichy-tanjore-Kumbakkonam excursion.)

5. Explain the students the meaning of Slokahs / prayer etc., This will help them to chant it in times of emotional turbulence be it in life or career

Thanks for the opportunity once again.

cheers !


Passed out 10th from VP :1995 batch

Karthik,M.B.A.,M.Phil,PGDIBO,CpSCM,( Ph.D )

Head – Centre for International Affairs ( C . I . A )


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Admissions Open for
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